Between the Lines

Between the LinesBetween the Lines, Healing the Individual & Ancestral Soul with Family Constellation, Nikki Mackay, February 2012

Have you ever wondered why you do the things you do? In the same way that stars form patterns called constellations, family members and how they interact with each other create behavioural patterns, by tracing these patterns with Family constellation and historical mediumship we can begin to the bring the hidden in to the light.

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Tarot for Understanding Love and Relationship Patterns

Tarot for Understanding Love and Relationship PatternsTarot for Understanding Love and Relationship Patterns MADE EASY, Nikki Mackay, May 2012

Nine out of ten people consult the tarot for guidance and clarity on a relationship situation. The tenth person does too they just pretend it’s about something else.
What is he thinking?

Are they ready to make a commitment?

Why do all my relationships end the same way?

The key to answering your relationship questions and to understanding the patterns of love in your life can be found within the tarot.

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The Science of Family

Science of FamilyThe Science of Family: Working with Ancestral Patterns, Nikki Mackay, June 2009

"I really wanted to know more!" - Donald McKinney, Author of Walking the Mist, Celtic Angels and Why We Howl At the Moon.

Nikki has combined ancient wisdom with modern science. With her deep insights and depth of wisdom she draws on her own life experiences and ancestral lineage. Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, The Highland Seer, author of "The Heart of All Knowing".

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