Tarot for Understanding Love and Relationship Patterns

Tarot for Understanding Love and Relationship PatternsTarot for Understanding Love and Relationship Patterns MADE EASY, Nikki Mackay, May 2012

Nine out of ten people consult the tarot for guidance and clarity on a relationship situation. The tenth person does too they just pretend it’s about something else.
What is he thinking?

Are they ready to make a commitment?

Why do all my relationships end the same way?

The key to answering your relationship questions and to understanding the patterns of love in your life can be found within the tarot.

When it is used to its full capacity as a spiritual and divinatory system the Tarot can be an amazing tool for enlightenment, transformation and change. Are you hung up on an ex? Are you following in the footsteps of your mother? Inside these pages you will find the tarot explained specifically in terms of love and relationships helping you to identify Mr Right from Mr Wrong and allowing you to let love in to your life.

"If you’re new to tarot, have no fear as Nikki expertly guides you through the cards, seen through the eyes of love, making them relevant and appropriate to your situation helping you clear that fog and bring a new clarity and understanding to your relationships." - Catherine Chapman, www.tarotelements.com

"A very informative book on Tarot, including great spreads and using the Tarot for meditation and magical work." - Kim Arnold, Founder of the UK Tarot Conference