Relationship Line Constellation Workshop 2017

The constellation of love & relationships is complex and intricate.  Not only  do we need to include the relationship we are in or wish to be in but also all our previous loves as well. But it doesn’t stop there because we can become entangled not only with the one we love but their previous loves too. The level of intimacy experienced in a relationship is also influenced and subjected to the same orders of entanglements as relationships themselves. 



I call the link to the partner's we have had from our first love to current love our relationship line. In order for full intimacy to be experienced within the current relationship ‘the space for love’ within the energetic field must either be free, but have a place, or be occupied by the current partner. 


Similarly for your partner or potential partner with which you are intimately involved... there needs to be a mutual place and space for intimacy else it will be diminished, stilted or possibly even forbidden. 


In the process of exploring this relationship line other entanglements impinging on relationships may become apparent.  


This is why this class is made up of:


2 x group class sessions

2 x individual sessions


The cost is £225

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