Constellation for Success & Creativity

The familial influences that we carry as individuals in many ways set the tone for our success in our creative and business life. If we have unresolved familial entanglements we carry these forward and perpetuate them within the hierarchy of our chosen workplace. This has an effect on the success we achieve in our chosen creative and business fields.

The dynamics of a working team are influenced by the collective history of the team members as well as the order structure and hierarchy within the team itself. The ability of a team to achieve success and to work creatively as a unit can be limited by many subtle factors including loyalty to a previous team or loyalty to a previous leader of a team or project.

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Family Constellations

Constellation & Ancestral Patterns

We don’t often think of our family and ancestors as being connected to who we are as individuals yet who we are, where we come from and our place in our family has a huge impact on not only how we feel about ourselves but also the choices that we make in our lives.

You may be repeating behaviour, acting out patterns, atoning for actions, looking and waiting for a missing love or generally carrying the “stuff” that belongs to your ancestors all inside you in your life right now. It can be comforting to think of “the ancestors” as something quite far away, unreachable but still there in the background. The reality is it all starts with your parents, who are connected to their parents, who are connected to their parents and so on until it all gets a bit blurry.

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Family Constellations

Ancestral Patterns Affecting Relationships

When we make an emotional bond to somebody through a committed relationship, an engagement or a marriage we create a bond that cannot be broken, this bond is even stronger when a couple has a child together. When a relationship ends, for whatever reasons, any unfinished business or unacknowledged happenings from the relationship are carried forward in to any subsequent relationships and very often the events or happenings will repeat themselves in subsequent relationships.

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Family Constellations

Constellation for Past Lives

Who you are as an individual is influenced by your connection to your family and ancestors. Their lives and fates are often intertwined with your own. The connection that you have to your soul family, your deep ancestral roots and your past lives also plays a part in the choices you make, the relationships you form and the experiences you have in your life

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Family Constellations