Constellation & Ancestral Patterns

We don’t often think of our family and ancestors as being connected to who we are as individuals yet who we are, where we come from and our place in our family has a huge impact on not only how we feel about ourselves but also the choices that we make in our lives.

You may be repeating behaviour, acting out patterns, atoning for actions, looking and waiting for a missing love or generally carrying the “stuff” that belongs to your ancestors all inside you in your life right now. It can be comforting to think of “the ancestors” as something quite far away, unreachable but still there in the background. The reality is it all starts with your parents, who are connected to their parents, who are connected to their parents and so on until it all gets a bit blurry.

Patterns, energy, events and burdens from the past are carried down and are repeated through generations leaving an emotional, physical and spiritual imprint on the individual as they follow the fates of those that have gone before.

Do you feel confused about your purpose or place in life?

Do you feel you are living someone else's life or carrying some else’s burdens?

Do you wish to reconnect to family that have passed over?

Are you aware of patterns in your family and wish to explore them?

Do you want to move forward in your life with clarity and focus?

Nikki offers sessions with individuals focusing on the family and ancestral lines. Combining her intuitive skills with the principals of Family Constellations Nikki can help you strengthen your awareness of these patterns and themes at play within your life and your family line, clearing and freeing you from these entanglements. By acknowledging who you are, where you belong and what your place is and reconnecting to that lineage you can begin to tap in to the strength of this line instead of feeling drained or encumbered.