General Constellation Session

During the individual sessions we start by spending a little time with you establishing what it is you would like to explore or look at during our session. Depending on what that is we will then look at that together through a combination of energy, intuitive and family constellation work to explore the family & ancestral patterns that are effecting yourself and the situation. This is done with a view to bringing the particular relationship or entanglement back in to balance. Depending on what we uncover during the session I will give you some work that you can do yourself at home to reinforce the work such as visualisations, meditations and affirmations.

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Individual Sessions

Individual Intensive Constellation Options

The individual full/half days intensives have the advantages of the group work approach where layer upon layer of entanglements are explored but without the vulnerability of doing so within the group setting.

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Individual Sessions

Love & Relationships Constellations

It can be more comfortable to define who we are in terms of the relationship we are in or by the absence of an intimate relationship rather than through our family. When we make an emotional bond to somebody through a committed relationship, an engagement or a marriage we create a bond that cannot be broken, this bond is even stronger when a couple has a child together. When a relationship ends, for whatever reasons, any unfinished business or unacknowledged happenings from the relationship are carried forward in to any subsequent relationships and very often the events or happenings will repeat themselves in subsequent relationships.

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Individual Sessions

Ancestral Patterns Affecting Creativity & Business

Our inherent ancestral patterns and our bond to our immediate family in many ways sets the tone for our success in our creative and business life. If we have unresolved familial entanglements we tend to carry these forward and perpetuate them with the teachers we encounter in our life. At face value this may not seem like any great issue however if we are unclear in our relationship to and are not giving due respect for our teachers and those from whom we have learned then they in turn do not reciprocate this to us. This has an effect on the success we achieve in our chosen creative and business fields. Looking at the patterns affecting this area of your life may be beneficial if you wish to understand the dynamics at play within your business and any limits you are experiencing to the success you desire.

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Individual Sessions

Individual Constellation Sessions

Exploring ancestral and family lines can renew a sense of self and purpose. Our family patterns and the sense of "place" in the family hugely influences choices and decisions in our own life impacting the ‘everyday’ from work and personal life to health. Sessions can focus on family, relationships or career.

Patterns, energy and burdens from the past are carried down and can be repeated through generations leaving an emotional, physical and spiritual effect on the individual.

Nikki offers sessions with individuals focusing on the family and ancestral lines. Combining her intuitive skills with the principals of Family Constellations Nikki can help you strengthen your awareness of these patterns and themes at play within your life and your family line, clearing and freeing you from these entanglements. By acknowledging who you are, where you belong and what your place is and reconnecting to that lineage you can begin to tap in to the strength of this line instead of feeling drained or encumbered.

Do you feel confused about your purpose or place in life?

Do you feel you are living someone else's life?

Do you wish to reconnect to family that have passed over?

Are you aware of patterns in your family and wish to explore them?

Do you want to move forward in your life with clarity and focus?

Each session is different and unique to each individual and their personal situation at that time.

“I had no idea what to expect when I had my family constellation with Nikki, but I knew I had issues and I wanted to explore them. Previously, other therapists had said to me there was stuff I had to ‘deal’ with, and I couldn’t quite get my head around what ‘dealing with’ actually meant. It was only after my session with Nikki that I knew it had been ‘dealt’ with. It wasn’t Nikki alone that was the quick fix solution, it was a combination of Nikki’s direction which pointed me towards my own confrontations. It was teary and emotional, but I can honestly say I’ve never had more clarity in my life, and know now that baggage within my own lineage is not mine to carry relentlessly.” Marilyn, Glasgow.

Individual Sessions